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Welcome to Red Bluff Reporters

Our reporters have experience in both deposition and court settings, having reported court trials, jury trials, preliminary hearings, and depositions relating to fields of medicine, asbestos, and other technical reporting.

Our particular areas of expertise include reporting medical and technical depositions, hearings, arbitrations and jury trials.

Professional Services
Computer-Aided Real-time Transcription (CART)
Court / Deposition / Arbitration Reporting
Real-time Reporters
Additional Services
Conference Room in Red Bluff
Cond Transcript/ Index included
Video Depositions

Our Services

Red Bluff Reporters is a full service court reporting firm. We report depositions, arbitrations, IMEs, court hearings/trials; if it’s reportable, we do it!

Our Services Include:
* Conference Rooms (Offices in Redding, Red Bluff & Yreka)
* Real-Time Transcription
* Condensed Transcript / Index / ASCII
* E-Mail Transcripts via “E-Transcript”
* E-Mail Transcript Bundles
* Video Conferencing
* Video Depositions
* Local Airport Pick-up

Not sure where to set a deposition in Northern California? Need a videographer or interpreter? We cover a large area and will be happy to help you make your arrangements.

We pride ourselves on a top quality work product. Our reporters consist of Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Shorthand Reporters, with experience in all areas of litigation.